What To Expect From A Diesel Engine Overhaul

Diesel engines are used by large vehicles because of their high torque. Only diesel is powerful enough to move the heaviest vehicles, which include most marine vehicles. Whether you have a cargo ship or a private yacht, your boat will have a diesel engine to power it. At some point, as your engine ages, you will need to make a decision regarding whether to overhaul it or replace it with a new one. There are some good reasons for choosing to do an overhaul.

The benefits of doing an overhaul include increasing the engine’s fuel efficiency, making the engine perform better, and extending the life of the engine. An overhaul could give your engine thousands of more miles than it would have otherwise. Also, an overhaul is much less expensive than replacing the engine with a new one. In an overhaul, your engine will be taken apart completely. Each piece will be cleaned and examined to determine which components are still in good condition and which are or will soon be due for replacement. Replacing components of an engine (rather than the whole thing) can save money by eliminating the need for another overhaul in the near future.

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If you decide to get an overhaul, there are several different levels of service available. These can include rebuilding and calibrating the fuel pump, rebuilding the injector and governor, testing the pressure of the water jacket, grinding the cylinder valve seat and valve cam, and inspecting the pistons and liners. Some parts may need to be replaced or rebuilt as part of the overhaul. Once the overhaul is complete, it will be important to follow a regular maintenance schedule, but many diesel engines can go through several overhauls in their lives. In general, a diesel engine can go 5,000 to 8,000 hours or more between overhauls.

Diesel engines last much longer than gas engines for similar sized vehicles. In addition to being more economical, diesel fuel as a much higher flash point than gasoline, so it is much safer to use. If you are wondering if it’s time for an overhaul, check the smoke color; it you have black or white smoke emanating from the engine, or an unusual amount of smoke, you could have a problem. Also, check the oil level and condition frequently. If you are thinking about overhauling your marine diesel engine, contact rpm diesel or visit http://www.rpmdiesel.com/marine-diesel-engine-overhaul.cfm.


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